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Religion and ethics

NSW public schools offer special religious education and special education in ethics, delivered by approved providers wherever available.

During enrolment, you can choose a special religious education option for your child from the school’s available approved providers. You can withdraw your child from special religious education by selecting alternative meaningful activities, or special education in ethics if it’s available.

You can update your preference by writing to the school or through the online form available at participating schools.
Visit the department’s website for more information about religion and ethics. 

About religion and ethics

The Education Act 1990 states 'in every government school, time is to be allowed for the religious education of children of any religious persuasion'. Special education in ethics (SEE) is offered as a secular alternative to special religious education.

Special religious education (SRE) is education in the beliefs and practices of an approved religious persuasion. Special education in ethics (SEE) is a program in ethical decision making, action and reflection within a secular framework. At Telegraph Point Public School we currently offer SRE course provided by Combined Christian, as well as the SEE course provided by Primary Ethics.

The SRE and SEE programs are taught by volunteers from organisations approved by the Department of Education. They are often parents, grandparents, carers or lay volunteers from a local congregation. The volunteers undergo a police background check, a working with children check and have been trained by the SRE or SEE organisations. Our classes are held on Fridays at 12:50pm. Children not attended either SRE or SEE will be offered alternative meaningful activities.

If you would like to change the course your child is currently enrolled in, please send a written request to the office.

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Combined Christian

Curriculum Approved Provider: About - Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT (

Curriculum Website: Godspace-Combined.pdf (

Special Education in Ethics

Ethics classes support children to develop a life-long capacity for making well-reasoned decisions about ethical issues. Through the give-and-take of reasoned argument students learn to disagree respectfully, to challenge ideas and to support their arguments with considered evidence rather than according to habit or peer pressure. Our volunteer ethics teachers, which are trained members of the school and broader community, use detailed lesson materials which present a range of stories, scenarios and questions to generate discussion. Ethics teachers are trained to impartially facilitate student discussions, helping students develop their critical thinking and collaborative inquiry skills. Ethics teachers support student learning by:

  • modelling the inquiry process – by asking questions and encouraging discussion.
  • showing genuine curiosity and interest in the questions being discussed.
  • staying neutral – ethics teachers are trained to keep their own views out of the discussion.
  • creating a positive learning environment – by allowing students time to think, and encouraging students to share ideas and give reasons.

The Special Education in Ethics program is provided by Primary Ethics. You can find out more information about the program from our Area Manager, Sandra Banta – and the Primary Ethics Website.